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I don’t know about you but the times you see a free bag pattern that you would love to make only to look in your stash and not have enough material to make it.  As someone that loves patchwork and quilting my stash is mainly made up of fat quarters. It is a brilliant way of collecting colour coordinated fabric from your favourite designer that has caught your eye, but not always practical for those larger projects that need larger pieces of material.

I wanted to make a bag but was having problems with my choice of fabric.  I have loads of fat quarters but nothing bigger. Most fat quarters come in bundles of one of each design in the range and this is where the problem lies. This is where patchwork comes in and a little bit of maths.  You need to know that you have enough to complete the whole project.


My bag project

A cute kitten

I have just started screen printing. I bought a screen sensation and have been stocking up on my screens.  So I wanted a plain material for the middle panel as I intended to print an image onto it.  Then I wanted a pattern fabric for the edges.  Remembering that you need enough for both sides, you need to make sure that your measurements are accurate and check it a few times I have made more mistakes than I care to count. For the outside of this bag you will only need 2 fat quarters.

The beauty  of patchwork is that there are lots of ways to make larger pieces by joining up what you have.  Of course they have to coordinate with each other and a  plain fabric with pattern is probably best .  Once you have the size that you need you can carry on making your project as normal. In this case I didn’t want to overwhelm the project with too many panels as I was screen printing the front but smaller panels could be cut and pieced for a different look.

A bag made from fat quarters
handy pockets for phone and make-up

The next problem is the lining fabric. Usually the lining is all the same but I didn’t have anything big enough but I did have two dark grey pieces that were a similar shade. As it is the inside of the bag I decided to take a chance. It has turned out to be a lovely looking bag. I have made two bags the first is the screen printed one that I have quilted. The other one is simply lined but not quilted ideal for folding and putting in your handbag if you are going to the shops. As you can see the lining on this bag is different both pieces are black but a  different pattern although they look fine inside.

If you want the pattern for this bag please subscribe to my e-mail list it will be available for a short time.

or if you want to purchase one of these bags they  will be available on my etsy site.

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