My screen sensation journey

Opening the box

Opening the box

I have spent many a happy hour looking at the demo’s and products available on Create and Craft, which I have to say is my new guilty pleasure. The screens looked amazing and the demo’s made it look so easy and the results were flawless, so I finally took the plunge and bought the kit.  The kit came complete with a bag to put the inks and tools in so that they would be easy to store and I also had a large tub of black ink.

I now needed to find some screens to work with  which sounds easier than it actually was because I just couldn’t decide which ones to get. My daughter recently bought her own house she had bought a piece of organza for her front window and wanted to pretty it up a bit so I bought this screen.

create and craft
So easy to print

I did a trial print on card that I also had with the kit  and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was and hardly any mess. So I  printed the organza and although it  wasn’t perfect I was happy with it and my daughter was thrilled.  Since then I have been watching more demo’s and learned that I should have washed my screen each  time and let the ink dry on the organza when doing a continuous print.

I find Create and Craft brilliant not only does it make buying craft supplies affordable for anyone as it has a flexipay option so that you can spread the cost. It also has so many demonstrations with tips on how to use your new craft addiction.

This really is a fantastic hobby for anyone you don’t need to sew, knit or draw anything. It does it all for you. I now have quite a  few screens and I am building up my ink supplies. I have made cushions, bags and I am looking for a mirror to print on as a gift for a friend. Tiles can be printed on and then put in the oven so that they can be used as coasters or put on your wall.

screen sensation
Gothic skull
create and craft
my favourite so far
screen sensations
flower faries


The inks are all waterbased and the screens and tools can all be washed in your kitchen sink with cold water any heat will set the ink so if you are printing on fabric you will need to set it by ironing  it on the wrong side at the highest temperature for the fabric. You can literally print on anything as long as it is a smooth surface.

I can’t speak highly enough about this product its compact, mess free and unbelievably easy.  Once you try it and see how easy it is you could be printing on all sorts of things around your home.

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