Learn how to crochet,knit and so much more

Learn how to crochet,knit and so much more

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Hi everyone and welcome to  my website. I have always been a keen crafter and I can't remember a time when I wasn't making something. So this is a site that I hope will inspire to teach you some techniques and inspire you to just have a go.

In this blog I will be showing you how to crochet, knit and quilt along with me.

Crochet is very popular at the moment  so there will be links to beginners crochet  as well as learning more advanced methods such as being able to start  a magic circle crochet and crochet braids. 


See what you can do

About 5 years ago I was browsing through a newsagent and a patchwork magazine caught my eye.  I wasn't into sewing and avoided it at all costs but all of a sudden there was a spark of interest. I bought the magazine and before I knew where I was I'd made this.


All it takes is ....

the desire to make. If I can just inspire one person to take the first steps to try out just one craft and feel a sense of accomplishment it will be all worthwhile.


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My Blog

Read all about my crafting life. There is no limit to what crafts I will try  some I absolutely love others I find far too stressful and to be honest the whole point of immersing yourself in yarn,fabric and whatever else that comes to hand is to help me to destress after a hard day. 

Each week I will post my crafty journey and together we will create our mini masterpieces.